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Family Testimonials

To say that TCI changed our lives doesn’t do the experience justice. It changed my family’s lives for the better and quite literally gave my son a life he wasn’t living. When we discovered TCI services our son had just been asked to leave a school that in their words couldn’t cope with him. It was his second school in some 3 years. He was 7 years old and had been diagnosed with ADHD some 2 years earlier. Our family was struggling, not only with the different advice and treatment plans we were getting from an array of doctors, the medications they had prescribed him and the rage and frustration he felt daily. Also from the stress and hopelessness of not being able to help him fit in and get an education and make friends. From the moment we embarked on our journey with TCI our son wasn’t treated like an outcast and a problem anymore, he was understood. His frustrations, his needs, his bad days were accepted. He was always treated with kindness. There was a plan, a process, a roadmap to get him to where he needed to be and it was all conveyed to us from the outset and step by step as he progressed. Now 4 years later our son is medication free and a thriving member of the Harbour School community. His shadow teacher was faded 6 months ago and he receives minimal learning support from within the school. He is achieving academically and has a wonderful friendship group and enjoys school immensely. He is quite literally a different child. Having a neuro diverse child can be challenging to say the least, for me the most challenging part was not knowing what I should be doing to best help him. That challenge at least ended the day he entered TCI and I knew I was getting him real help from experienced professionals with a proven track record of helping and caring for children with SEN.
Jamie O
Apr 2024
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