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Executive Director 


Dr. Amber Perymon-Evans, Psy.D.

Executive Director 

Starting her educational journey in the College of Computer Science and Engineering, Dr. Perymon soon realized that her journey would take a sudden shift after volunteering to work with a child diagnosed with Autism. Watching the development of that 2 year old whose parents were told that he would never lead a "normal" life and could not be educated to watching him earn a doctorate degree in biochemical engineering and marry the love of his life has led Dr. Perymon to passionately commit herself to helping other families unlock the potential in their neurodiverse child and the child realize that potential. 


Dr. Perymon earned a doctorate degree in clinical child psychology, with an internship and residency in Autism Spectrum Disorders. She has designed and directed schools for Children with Special Needs, worked with school districts to implement integration programs,worked for large hospital systems and clinics leading  multi-disciplinary teams, consulted with US government to create laws that protect and create inclusive environments for individuals with Special Needs, consults with schools and families around the world to redesign curriculum and "think outside of the box" when educating Neurodiverse Students. She currently serves on two boards of NGO’s with national and international reach aimed to improve the lives of neurodiverse individuals.


Dr. Perymon's dedication to challenging herself and those around her reflects a commitment to continual growth and improvement. By embodying the qualities of a problem solver and an advocate for equity, she sets a powerful example for her team and the broader community.

Her focus on unlocking hidden potential in each student showcases a deep understanding of individual differences and a strong belief in the transformative power of education. By pushing her teams to create new opportunities and foster collaboration with parents and other stakeholders, Dr. Perymon promotes a holistic approach to learning that is essential for student success.

By combining her passion, experience, and expertise with TCI's foundation of excellence in care and commitment to integration, Dr. Perymon is poised to achieve great success in her role. Her visionary leadership will undoubtedly drive positive change and impact the lives of students with differing abilities for the better.

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