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For 20 years The Children’s Institute has been proud to serve, educate, and advocate for families with special needs children. The Children’s Institute is a special needs charity that primarily works with children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
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ASD, previously called autism, is a set of neurological and developmental symptoms often
including— but not limited to—difficulties with social interaction, delayed verbal communication, and restrictive or repetitive behaviors. To help these individuals, TCI uses the best practices in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

We strive to give students the best chance at educational and personal success. We do this by
providing a suite of programs to meet your needs, all supported by a staff of dedicated, caring, and highly qualified experts. We believe passionately in inclusive education for ASD students, which is why also we work with Hong Kong’s international schools to facilitate the integration of ASD students into mainstream classrooms.
In addition to our ABA work, we have a variety of support services either in-house or throughpartnerships with leading providers. These include speech therapy, play therapy, and occupational therapy, each of which may play a role in supporting an ASD child based on their individual needs.
We hope to continue to bring the expertise of our team to bear on improving outcomes for autistic students in Hong Kong and those with other special educational needs. Our mission always puts students first. We are honored that so many families have trusted us and continue to trust us to provide the best opportunities for their children.
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