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After working at TCI, I would say that the experience has been nothing but terrific. First of all, TCI provided a unique experience of working 1:1 with your student, while the students might also integrate into THS regular classrooms. This is definitely not a school environment you see very often around the world. Moreover, this job is fulfilling and rewarding. The tactics, the strategies you applied at work; the short- and long-term objectives you set for your students are highly critical and influential on their growth, and there will be numerous moments that you feel proud and accomplished with your students’ positive change. Lastly, TCI provides opportunities for teachers to learn and update on newly published theories and tactics, not only in ABA, but methods of teaching and behavior management skills that are highly applicable. 

Anonymous, ABA Teacher, Group D

August 2019

It has been an impressive journey that TCI has inspired many people both inside and outside the organisation. It is great to work in an environment that is culture driven. I appreciate being able to work for a company that encourages development both on an individual and team basis. The strong team spirit amongst my colleagues and supervisors which helps to keep the morale in the office high. TCI has a diverse workforce which appreciates and recognizes for the hard work, as well as continues making TCI the leading brand in providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in the market.

Edrie Chau, ABA Teacher, Group D

April 2020

One of the main things that stood about TCI is its unique interdisciplinary model in the field of special education. It was a pleasure to have worked in an organization that recognizes and utilizes evidence-based practices within the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in its teaching. It would be a unique and valuable experience for those who wish to learn more about working with individuals with learning disabilities using the principles of ABA. Unlike most other institutions, TCI offers an experience that goes beyond typical one-on-one instructional settings. There will be plenty of opportunities to work in inclusion settings under the guidance and supervision of Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA). In terms of workplace culture, TCI recognizes hard work and often provides opportunities for career growth. 

Anonymous, ABA Teacher, Group C

October 2021

It has been a wonderful opportunity to join TCI as it has offered me with huge flexibility in providing treatment plans and the growth opportunity by recognising the best of my abilities. With highly qualified staff members and supervisors, I was given sufficient training and supervisor hours to better my performance in ABA. Everyone in TCI was welcoming and I enjoyed the harmonious and positive working environment, they were every professional and always put the need of students first. Head teachers and supervisors provided supervision and monitored our work performance closely so as to maintain an excellent ABA treatment for the students.


One thing that impressed me the most was the sense of company loyalty in most team members, together with bonafide job satisfaction. Many of the ABA teachers here in TCI had been working for more than 4 years, and the hard work of staff as highly recognised by the management team. They provided us with wide variety of staff benefits, including yoga class, monthly birthday treats and even causal wear Fridays to build a friendly working environment.

Here at TCI, supervisors were beyond supportive, we received regular continuing professional development including presentation, conference and child safety training. They also showed love and support outside of work and they genuinely cared about not just the treatment plan or our service for the students, but also the mental well-being of staff members. Head teachers often shared warm messages and we had a strong bonding as a team.

Joey Chiu, ABA Teacher, Group B

November 2021

It has been an amazing experience to join the TCI team and be trained in ABA. TCI is an organization that really values and encourages professional growth in their staffs. The training and supervised fieldwork experiences they offered is such an enlightening experience that have equipped me with the knowledge and skills needed to serve the population who need professional ABA treatment. I really appreciate the high quality supervision and genuine support I receive from my supervisors. They are always there to help me learn and guide me through the way to reach my professional goal. It would be a valuable experience for those who wish to get in-depth training on ABA principles and tactics and how to effectively help those with ASD and other learning disabilities using ABA. 

Anonymous, BCBA, Senior ABA Teacher, Group D 

January 2022

It has been a great pleasure working at TCI. My mentors were beyond supportive and provided me with complete one to one training and supervision, until I was eventually assigned a student of my own. This sort of mentoring is not what you get to experience very often, and that’s what makes TCI stand out for me. I also appreciate how the company provides continuous professional development to their staff, offering regular child safety training workshops and presentations to keep everyone up to date with the latest ABA research.


In terms of work culture, everyone at TCI shares a common goal: to improve the lives of children with special needs. It was such an amazing experience working with such driven and passionate colleagues, and I could really feel a sense of comradery among us. Seeing the positive impact you make on your students is what makes this job a very fulfilling one, and you are recognized for your efforts. Overall, I think TCI is a great place to work for, regardless of your level of experience.

Anonymous, ABA Teacher, AM/PM Class 

February 2022

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