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TCI is now a QABA Coursework Provider!

I’m pleased to share with you all that TCI is now officially a Qualified Applied Behavior Analysis (QABA) Coursework provider. (Thanks Hollie!) Our existing Verified Course Sequence (VCS) classes have been approved by the QABA. The QABA is an agency based in Irvine, California that certifies individuals working with students having ASD in our field of applied behavior analysis and they themselves are authorised to so by ANSI . Our VCS is currently also approved by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board ( and verified by The Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI).

This is a significant step in ensuring that our ABA training program and classes continue to be recognised by a certified agency based in the USA 🇺🇸 so that teachers can receive training that leads to an internationally recognised credential in ABA. The BACB announced in in January 2020 that their certification process would not be offered outside of North America and the UK after this year so we are effectively switching from BACB certification of our teachers to QABA. The requirements are basically the same. TCI has 30% of our staff already certified by the BACB and the other 70% is in various stages of the certification process. I expect that we will have 40% or more by the end of this year.

I know that there are a lot of abbreviations here and unfamiliar terms but it’s a significant step for us here in Hong Kong to be able to provide training and credentials that are consistent with best practice based in the USA. We have had students from Macau and Shenzhen in fact. We will be responsible to training the first BACB in Macau, a city of about 650,000 people. This is a significant achievement. With an emphasis on evidence-based interventions and teacher training paired with paid practicum experience, TCI has ensured it’s place as a leader in the field of special education in Hong Kong and the region.

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