Vienna Hacademy

Vienna Hacademy was founded in 2018.  


We believe that every child is unique. Regardless of the need for any special treatment, they all deserve the fair opportunity and right to learn. Our vision is to let children learn happily and to help them liberate their gifted potentials. 


Our mission is to incorporate the evidence-based teaching method, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and different musical elements, targeting each child's abilities and progress, designing the curriculum and training activities that are most suitable and appropriate for them, so as to improve the children's speech, attention, cognition, social emotions, motor and sensory integration problems. 


We provide individual training to children with different kinds of special needs, especially children with autism, attention deficit, dyslexia, hyperactivity disorder, etc. There will also be a diversity of talks and workshops to help parents, teachers and trainers to take care of those children with different needs and to strengthen the public awareness and understanding on children with special needs and inclusive education. A piano training course for normal children starting from the age of 3, using a special piano program designed by our centre. We also have an assessment service for children given by Registered Educational Psychologist.


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Keith Chow (MExArts, AThR) 
is a registered Arts Therapist, ABA and Visual Art teacher.

Mr. Chow has worked with children with special needs (e.g. ASD, ADHD) since 2010.  Mr. Chow provides Individual/ Group Sessions and Workshops of Expressive Arts Therapy and Integrated Approaches Interventions (Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Arts Therapy) to individuals with special needs at various settings, such as international schools, local schools, and sheltered workshops etc. 

“Arts Therapy provides a safe space for kids to express their feelings in a healthy and containing way. It also fosters creativity, where creativity is one of the key elements to enhance Flexibility, Self-Regulation skill, and Problem Solving skill “

n addition, he also provides Expressive Arts Therapy services to a wide variety of service users, such as LGBT community, individuals with mental illness, adolescents with emotion and drug issues, grieving individuals, elderly with dementia etc.

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