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The Children’s Institute of Hong Kong is a partner in research and service activities with:








Helpful Links

Hong Kong Schools and Therapy Centres

The Harbour School

Family Development Center

Hong Kong Association for Behavior Analysis

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Schools and Therapy Centers Abroad

The Manhattan Childrens Center – New York, USA

The Childrens Center for Early Learning - Brooklyn, New York, USA

The Hawthorne Country Day Schools – Westchester and New York, USA


University Programs

Teachers College Columbia University

Hong Kong Institute of Education

Behavior Analysis Resources

Association for Behavior Analysis International

Behavior Analysis Certification Board

Hong Kong Association for Behavior Analysis

Behavior Analyst Online

Behavior Analysts, Inc.

Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education

Resources in Hong Kong

Education Bureau

Hong Kong Association for Behavior Analysis

Special Education Resources Centre

Federation In Community Support

Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC)

The Society for the Welfare of the Autistic Persons (SWAP) (in Chinese)

Websites on teaching strategies

Teaching Children with Autism & Applied Behavior Analysis

Visual Supports – PECS

Picture Exchange Communication System

Least Restrictive Behavioral Interventions (LRBI)

Social Stories

Video modeling

Reading facial expressions (online games)


Behavior Analyst Online

Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions

Journal of Intellectual Disability Research

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